Ad Manager Simply Advertise the Right Vehicles

Instead of posting every vehicle in your inventory, choose the vehicles that drive the most traffic on Craigslist. Ad Manager simplifies posting the right cars on Craigslist and eBay National with its intuitive pick and post method. With simplified transactions, ad budgeting, and extensive reporting, Ad Manager is the best choice for your merchandising needs. And now,
with Ad Manager (Auto Post), HomeNet can automate the posting process, so you can get back to business. With Ad Manager Social, you can automate your social media inventory content. Leverage thousands of automotive-specific content pieces from top publications and OEMs with tailored messages about your inventory on Facebook and Twitter.

Advertise the right vehicles with two easy methods:
Two Great Solutions For Posting
Your Vehicles
Ad Manager - Take Complete Control of Your Vehicle Postings Problem
  • You want to post cars to Craigslist and eBay National but do not have an efficient process in place
  • You want to manually select vehicles and post them yourself with more creative control
  • Ad Manager Provides an easy to use interface to post the exact vehicle you choose, using professional ad templates with integrated call tracking, payment methods, and reporting. Use Smart View to select vehicles to post based on 6 advertising categories.
Ad Manager (Auto Post) - All Postings Handled Automatically Problem
  • You want to advertise on Craigslist but you do not have time to create ads and post them manually
  • You are unsure which vehicles are in greatest demand on Craigslist
  • Ad Manager (Auto Post) Uses research to automatically post the number of vehicles you specify each month based on the top lead generating vehicles on Craigslist. If you need to post more, a manual option is also available.
Transactions, Budgeting
and Reports - All Simplified
Create and send posts to Craigslist
one vehicle at a time
Ad Manager - $5 Per Post
  • Conveniently and securely store your credit card information to eliminate lengthy transactions.
  • Just click "Post Ad" each time, and you are done.
Specify how many ads to post each month,
and let HomeNet handle the rest
Ad Manager Auto Post - $6 Per Post
  • Conveniently and securely store your credit card information to eliminate lengthy transactions.
  • Post top lead generating vehicles based on research.
Pre-paid Blocks of Postings Eliminate Charges Per Post
  • Buy as much as you want up front, without worrying about time limits to use them ($500 minimum).
Craigslist budgeting that's easy to set up and keep track of
Ad Manager gives you insightful reporting and analytics
Included Classified
Communications package provides:
  • Vehicle specific call tracking
  • Voicemail forwarding
  • SMS lead alerts for salespeople
  • Email notification options for shoppers
Analyze Craigslist activity
with detailed reporting on:
  • Ads posted
  • Number of clicks per post
  • Leads received per post
Evaluate the effectiveness of
Craigslist ads with key metrics on:
  • Leads by type
  • Leads per hour
  • Landing page activity
  • Referrals
Ad Manager Social
Ad Manager Social automates your social media inventory content. Leverage thousands of automotive-specific content pieces from top publications and OEMs with tailored messages about your inventory on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Content pieces relevant to your inventory, as well as your inventory listings, are automatically posted to Facebook.
  • Effective advertising maximizes your exposure on social media sites and saves time by automating the process.
  • Review content posted, and see how it performs in real time.
Classified Postings, Vehicle Selection,
and Reports - All Simplified
Ad Manager Ad Manager
(Auto Post)
Post To Craigslist Make inventory visible to over 60 million unique U.S. visitors per month. With 9.2 million used car ads viewed, posting on Craigslist is a great way to get your vehicles in front of a huge group of shoppers in over 700 local markets.
Manual Craigslist Postings This method lets you decide which vehicles to post, which sites to post to, and which ad template suits you best. A perfect solution for dealers wanting as much control as possible over ad creation and spending.
Automatic Craigslist Postings Tell us how many ads to post, and we handle the process for you. This option is for dealers looking for a set it and forget it solution.
Post to eBay Local* Easily create eBay Local classified ads using updated vehicle information and customized ad templates.
Post to eBay National* Posting vehicles on eBay, reaches a national target audience where 12 million unique visitors shop per month, 70% of which have incomes of over $50k per year. More visitors means more potential bidders for you, all of which become leads you can market to later.
Landing Page for Craigslist Postings A powerful source for lead generation, optimized to fit screens of any device, it gives you shoppers' data from info requests, credit applications, trade-ins, phone calls, and more. The Lead Report makes it easy to reach out to your prospects with their name, contact information and the vehicle they were interested in, all gathered from form submissions and phone calls.
Integrated Call Tracking The phone numbers on your ads automatically route to the dealer's main line or the salesperson's phone to make it easy for shoppers to reach you.
QuickPlus A faster and easier way to manually post cars to Craigslist. Post up to 50 ads by simply checking a box next to each vehicle and QuickPlus does the rest.
Smart View Get insights on which of your vehicles to post based on categories they fit into such as top lead generators, which vehicles are priced most competitively, national best sellers under $8,000 according to Kelley Blue Book, and more.
Reporting Provides key information about your inventory and advertising results. Use it to adjust and benchmark your marketing strategy within Ad Manager.
Monthly Marketing Report Report to view Craigslist marketing ROI from the previous month, intelligence on what vehicles are selling and alerts regarding potential trade-in and auction vehicles.
Banner Creation / Customization Keep your ads consistent with the look and feel of your brand.
Included Optional N/A
* To use eBay National and eBay Local, you will need an active eBay Motors account.
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