Merchandise and Distribute
Your Inventory From One Location
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Save time and sell more cars by getting inventory out of your system and in front of shoppers with Inventory Online.

There are so many details about your inventory that you want consumers to see, but don't have the time or bandwidth to keep your merchandising consistent and updated across all consumer touch points. HomeNet helps dealers solve this challenge with our Inventory Online solution (IOL).

IOL is an Automotive Inventory Management tool that easily integrates into and streamlines the existing sales process of your dealership and effortlessly creates engaging display ads for every car on your lot. Using our Get. Edit. Deliver. process, expertly formatted content highlighting each vehicle's features is automatically distributed to dealer and OEM websites, online classifieds and third party sites.

GET. EDIT. DELIVER. GET. EDIT. DELIVER. HomeNet's Inventory Online Data Management Process HomeNet's Inventory Online Data Management Process
  • Get: Collect Inventory Data
  • Edit: Enhance Raw Data
  • Deliver: Publish Rich Content
IOL Inventory Distribution
One platform to merchandise
and distribute your inventory

IOL Pro easily aggregates and transforms raw vehicle data into robust, digital vehicle display ads that can be automatically distributed anywhere online.

IOL Field Locking from Multiple Data Sources

IOL collects data from many sources for each vehicle and protects your changes from being overwritten