Ad Manager

Easily Manage Your Online Advertising

Instead of posting every vehicle in your inventory and hoping those ads get traction, advertise the vehicles that drive the most traffic on Craigslist.

Ad Manager maximizes your exposure while simplifying the posting process, selecting the right cars for Craigslist and eBay with its intuitive pick-and-post method. To help you merchandise most effectively, Ad Manager includes simplified transactions, ad budgeting and extensive reporting.

To help you save even more time, Ad Manager’s Auto Post can automate both the posting process and content generation to get your inventory seen online.

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Which Is Right for You: Automatic or Manual Posting?


Your best fit if you:

  • Want to advertise on Craigslist but don’t have time to create ads
  • Aren’t sure which vehicles are in high demand

Auto posts make it easy to manage your advertisements. Analytics determine your top lead-generating vehicles and automatically post your preferred number of listings each month. You can then review content and see how it performs in real time.


Your best fit if you:

  • Want to post cars but don’t have an efficient process in place
  • Want to select and post vehicles manually for greater creative control

Manual posts put you in control with a user-friendly interface that helps you post inventory with professional ad templates that include integrated call tracking, payment methods and reporting.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage with
Ad Manager Social

Ad Manager Social automates your social media inventory content. Leverage thousands of automotive-specific content pieces from top publications and OEMs with tailored messages about your inventory on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Content pieces relevant to your inventory, as well as your inventory listings, are automatically posted to Facebook.
  • Automated postings deliver effective advertising that maximizes your exposure on social media sites and saves time.
  • Review content posted and see how it performs in real time.

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