Looking for a lot service company
to take your inventory photos?

Whether you are looking to manage your vehicle merchandising in-house, or want help from a professional...we've got you covered.

HomeNetís network of lot service providers is made up of independent lot service companies nationwide, all utilizing our industry leading Inventory Online (IOL) software to manage their business. Choosing a HomeNet certified lot service provider to take your photos and/or manage your inventory merchandising allows you to continue using your IOL software directly through HomeNet, eliminating the need for you and your staff to learn new software and ensuring there is no interruption in service. Best of all, you may continue to take advantage of all of the features that set HomeNet's IOL software apart from the competition.

Not currently using HomeNetís IOL software? No problem. You don't need to be a HomeNet customer to use a lot service provider from our network .

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  • "HomeNet's Inventory Online gives us the competitive advantage with excellent backend data management and real-time inventory updates to my website. IOL makes it simple to get information about our vehicles to our customers and stay in contact with them during the buying process. HomeNet's first-class Client Services Team has always been there for Scarff Ford whenever we need assistance or have a special request. I have been pitched every competitive inventory management and merchandising system available, not one measures up to the standards of IOL. The IOL marketing suite is the best and I’ve seen them all."

    Jerry Thurman
    IT/Internet Manager
    Scarff Ford