HomeNet Steps Up to Fill Need for Next-generation Merchandising

Published August 2, 2018
Homenet Automotive Logo

After starting almost 20 years ago with a few people in a garage in West Chester, PA, HomeNet has grown into a thriving business that serves all corners of retail automotive.

The company is a recognized industry leader in providing merchandising and distribution solutions for dealers, lot service providers, digital marketing companies, website providers and OEMs.

Last year, we concluded a lengthy foundational study on the HomeNet brand. The research confirmed that vehicle merchandising is becoming increasingly important, given the way today’s consumers shop for vehicles and the type of content they expect to see online.

We see four significant marketing and merchandising trends, which have reshaped other industries, becoming more essential in retail automotive:

  • Personalization
  • Social media
  • Enhanced Visualization
  • Trust through Transparency

The implications for dealers and others in retail automotive is clear. Those who provide higher quality images, more immersive content and transparent merchandising, will have the best opportunity to build trust with prospective car buyers and encourage the initiation of vehicle purchases online. In short, we believe vehicle merchandising is ripe for innovation.

HomeNet has always provided the best in class service for our clients and continues to stand for reliability, flexibility and quality. These important aspects of our company and mission will not change as we shift our focus to the unmet needs of the retail automotive marketplace.

By providing the merchandising solutions and tools today’s market requires, our dealer and partner clients will gain faster, more efficient engagement and visibility for their online inventory, and set the stage for increased sales velocity and profitability.